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Charlotte "Catrin" Eleanora Webber (Phoenix)
Born: February 19th, 1700
Died: November 13th, 1742

Nationality: Welsh, Chinese

Occupation: Piratess

Eileithyia Amphitrite Drinkwater (Infamous)
Born: April 7th, 1283
Died: ???

Nationality: Aegean (of the fictional kingdom of Aegaeon)

Occupation: Doyenne

Daria Elizabeth Warren (Depressive/Suicidal)
Born: Early July, ???
Died: October 26th, 2015

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: Being a self-loathing, self-harming depressed highschooler with no burning desire to live

Tatiana Mercy DeVos (Blackguard)
Born: October 31st, 1968
Died: May 11th, 1993

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: Serial murderer

These ladies are the first four main characters that I've created in my adolescent writing career. Though they all led very different, often unexpected lives, each one had something in common...a strange relationship with a dangerous, destructive being. It goes by many names and presents itself accordingly to every person it torments: a twister of fate and siphoner of power; an undesirable and unfeeling husband; a lethal and misleading companion; a violent and demanding kingpin...but to what end? What does this dark creature so desperately desire? And how many others will it use along the way?
The Four Seasons Explained (Somewhat)
If you haven't already done so, please check out The Four Seasons Parts One and Two!

Note: if anyone noticed a discrepancy between Daria Warren's portrait date and the year of her was no accident :)
Summer and Autumn
Here's Part Two of The Four Seasons, as promised! A description will soon follow (and hopefully it'll shed some light on these four women I've painted).

From right to left: Daria Elizabeth Warren, age 16 (from the future novel "Depressive/Suicidal"), and Tatiana Mercy DeVos, age 24 (from the future novel "Blackguard").

Mediums used: Pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour
Winter and Spring
The following is a visual representation of two of my main characters: one from the novel I'm currently writing, "Phoenix" and the other from a future novel, "Infamous". This is the very first time I've attempted to draw them all together (there are four in total), and I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out.

The bloody thing was so big that I had to scan it in half, so Part Two is imminent. A description is also on its way.

From left to right: Charlotte Eleanora Webber, age 15. Eileithyia Amphitrite Drinkwater, age 15. (Note: the ages of the characters are their respective ages at the beginning of each story)

Title: The Four Seasons
Mediums used: Pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour


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Hyacinthe Attyea
I've always enjoyed taking photos on my iPod of just about everything. But for some strange reason I seem to strike it lucky with landscapes and skies. I wouldn't call myself an artist, because I don't create the dawn. I've never brushed my finger against the clouds and arranged the sunlight. I simply capture the works of the world for others to appreciate...and it's the best feeling.


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